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Taizhou plastic machinery co., LTD
Taizhou Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plastic machinery. It is located in the southeast coastal area of Zhejiang Province. It has a strong industrial and economic foundation, a good policy foundation, a superior investment environment, and a fast means of communication. The factory is adjacent to provincial highway 224 and g1523, 45 kilometers away from Taizhou airport and more than 100 kilometers away from Ningbo airport. The transportation is very convenient. Since the factory was built and put into operation, it has always adhered to the principle of people-oriented, integrity and business. We are committed to the improvement and innovation of production, technology and management. According to the customer needs and different requirements of various aspects of innovation, to ensure that customers on product quality, accuracy and other aspects of demand. Our factory mainly produces all kinds of plastic electrostatic separator, silica gel separator, dust remover, conveyor, feeding machine, etc.This information is only a brief introduction of some of our company's leading products, details of which will be sent to you. Welcome to our company for discussion and guidance. We are willing to serve as a good logistics force for our friends in the plastic manufacturing industry with excellent products, and provide good products that are handy, so that we can cooperate to create a bright future in the century.
AddressNo. 25, Jinyuan Road, Binhai New Town Industrial Zone, Sanmen County, Zhejiang Province
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